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1st Indian Christian Day was celebrated in Gajapati District by Gajapati Minority Forum and Global Indian Faith Tabernacle School and Ministries

Paralakhemundi: Saturday 3rd July 2021.

The First Indian Christian Day ( Yeshu Bhakti Divas was celebrated by Gajapati Minority Forum and Global Indian Faith Tabernacle School & Minorities in Paralakhemundi Gajapati District. This day is celebrated for the first time in India on 3rd July on the feast of Apostle Saint Thomas, Christianity in India has been three from last 2000 Years!

This day will be celebrated by all Indian Christian to preserve our identity within India’s Cultural heritage, while uniting with all those who wish to celebrate it, irrespective of language, custome, creed , region or religion.

Hundreds of Indian Christian have participated in the Freedom Movement and fought against the British Government for Independence of India some them that are written in the History , They are J.C Kumarappa, Brahmabandhab Upadhyay, George Joseph and Many others .

Notably some of the unforgotten Hero of Odisha , who are always an inspiration to all Odia are “Utkal Gaurav’ Madhusudhan Das, Sailabala Das, LAL Mohan Patnaik, ‘Rai Bahadur’ Samuel Das , Lakhma Jee Jachuck,v Rajkishore Mohanty and many others .

Notably “Utkal Gourav” Madhusudhan Das is regarded as the architect of modern Odisha who relentlessly toiled for the political , social and economic uplift of the people of the state of Odisha , He was the first graduate and 1st advocate of Odisha . He is widely regarded as the “Founder of Modern Odisha”.

On the Eve of First Indian Christian Day , Rev.Amodh Kumar Bardhan General Secretary of Gajapati Minority Forum and Global Indian Faith Tabernacle School and Ministries Director garlanded the statue of Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati and Utkal Gourav Madhusudhan Das whose Contribution towards the Odia Christian is enermous. Rev. Bardhan Distribute Cooking Food, Bread , Fruits and Drink to the beggar Infront of the temple to share the Love of Lord Jesus Christ by respective the rich Indian Culture

BJD Rajya Sabha MP Dr.Amar Patnaik and BJD Minority Cell General Secretary Dr.Pallab Limma gave a virtual Video message Greetings to the People of Odisha on the Eve of Indian Christian Day.

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