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A Christian girl named Mehwish Bibi who used to live in Rahwali, district Gujranwala – Pakistan was kidnapped while she was going to college.When her parents realized that she didn’t come back from college, they started searching for her and came across two eye witnesses who told her father that she was kidnapped by Muhammad Sabir and his two other companions on gun point. And that they are taking her somewhere so they can rape her. Girl’s father Patras Masih went to police station and filed a police report. Police as usual were not interested in finding the girl or arresting the kidnappers because the victim here is a Christian and Pakistani police do not help Christians. And we all know that after a few days, her rapists will present her in the court and will say that she has converted into Islam and is now married to one of them. And then the court will allow rapists to keep the girl lawfully. This happened many times before, and that’s how kidnappers are able to keep innocent Christian girls with them, with the help of courts. This kind of injustice must stop. Pakistan is always quick to judge other countries and try to teach about human rights and religious freedom to western countries, Israel and India but on the other hand this country is actively involved in persecuting its minorities especially Christians. Pakistani Government always try to restrict news regarding persecution of Christians in Pakistan but we will always highlight these news so that the world can see the real face of Pakistan. Christians and other minorities are persecuted the most in those countries. I URGE everyone to share this post as much as you can because mainstream media will never publish a news about Christian persecution. Please pray for the safety and well being of Pakistani Christians

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