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Office of Chief Minister, Odisha Heaven on Earth of the retired Bureaucrat

The office of the Chief Minister is the only office in which highest number of retired Class-1 officers have been appointed in Govt. of Odisha. These officers have been appointed with extension of service being granted from time to time and for unknown period. As per Finance dept. order , reappointment is made keeping in view the requirement of expertise and talent of specialized nature on certain occasions for a particular purpose and specific tenure. Reappointment of retired officers and employees depends on sweet-will of the appointing authority .

RTI Application was filed to the PIOs of Dept. of GA & PG and Finance seeking information about details of appointment of retired officers and employees in various offices . RTI Application was forwarded to all the Departments to supply the information. The PIO, Dept. of Parliamentary Affairs has provided the information dt. 17.11.20 which is as follows.

List of retired Class-1 officers appointed on various post with concurrence of Finance Department from 2016 to 2020

Name of Employee

1 Sri Dillip Kumar Mohanty, IAS ( Retd.)

Special Secretary to Hon’ble CM 2016

2 Shri Gopabandhu Dasg, OAS ( Retd.)

OSD, office of Hon’ble CM ( Residence) 2019

3 Shri R. Balakrustan, AIS (Retd.)

Chief Advisor to Hon’ble to CM 2019

4 Sri Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra , IAS ( Retd.)

OSD, O/O- Hon’ble CM 2020

5 Shri Bishnu Prasad Mishra , OSS (Retd.)

OSD, O/O- Hon’ble CM 2020

6 Sri Bijay Ch. Mishra , OSS (Retd.)

OSD, O/O – Hon’ble CM

Writer : Pradip Pradhan

RTI National Convener

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