Shri Manoj Badonaik the First MLA aspirant from the Christian Minority Community

COVID Warrior Eminent Social Worker Shri Manoj Badonaik MLA aspirant for Paralakhemundi Constituency of Gajapati District?

COVID Warrior Eminent Social Worker Shri Manoj Badonaik MLA aspirant for Paralakhemundi Constituency of Gajapati District?

Paralakhemundi: Sunday 11th February 2024.

Odisha General Assembly Election 2024 is getting Closer . The 16th Odisha Legislative Assembly Session is Over on 9th February all the Political Party and Independent candidates are getting ready for the Battle for the New Assembly Election which will be held within two months of the time frame .

The most highly focused seat for the election in Odisha is the two constituency of Gajapati District, one is Paralakhemundi and the other is Mohona Constituency which is known as Tribal dominated and the only Minority Concentration district in India is Gajapati District. Where the highest number of the voters belongs to the Tribal, dalit and Christian Minoriry community.

All the parties are choosing their best candidate to send them to the election battlefield to make sure to win in both the constituencies in Gajapati District.

In the General Assembly Election 2024 the Dalit Christian,Tribal community are lobbing the political parties to give the Party MLA Ticket which is known as (Form-B) to any eligibility,qualified, Socially accepted candidate from the Minority Candidate among many others Candidate the most highly accepted candidate from the Community is Eminent Social Worker and COVID Warrior Shri Manoj Badonaik who had a vast experience in the field of Social Work , He had aslo worked in a International Organisation in the KBK district as a District Coordinator and highly appreciated by the Central and State government for his Innovative and dedicated social work while Shri Bijay Pattnaik the Ex Chief Secretary and Present Congress Campaign Committee Chairman in Odisha was working as a KBK Coordinator appointment by than Biju Patnaik Government.

Shri Manoj Badonaik studied in Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati College Paralakhemundi , He was the first Commerce batch in the SKCG college, He Latter studied Bachelor in Sociology from Bangalore , His late brother Nabin Chandra Badonaik was the First MBBS Graduate and an International Doctor also the Two Time President of the World Infection disease Congress .

Shri Manoj Badonaik won the Hearts of the People irrespective of Cast, Creed and Religion by Serving the needy , helping them with monthly ration , Financial Assistance and through various ways in Gajapati District.

He was the Key Player to take the leadership to reopen both Christian Hospital in Serango and Ranipenta which is known as Christian Eye Hospital. He is highly accepted and appreciated by the People for rendering service to the People.

The Christian Political Anaylsist said that If Shri Manoj Badonaik contests in the General election then there will be a high change of winning in the election because after 75 years independence no Political Party have given a Ticket to the Dalit Christian Minority Candidate in Paralakhemundi Constituency , where the community feels that they are being deprived and neglected and not given any opportunity to Lead the community for the development of the state while Gajapati is known as the Land of Resourceful but always using the Dalit Christian Tribal Minority Community only as a Voters

With this main cause Christian Candidates can easily win within a Margin of more than 10 to 15 thousand because only the Dalit , Tribal , Minority Christian voters are more than 55,000 in Paralakhemundi Constituency the total voters in Paralakhemundi Constituency is more than 2,10,570 two lakh ten thousands five hundred and Seventy.

Shri Manoj Badonaik is well known by the BJD Party as well with Congress and all walks of Live People highly accepted Shri Manoj Badonaik He was born and brought up in Serango Village of Gumma Block in Gajapati District while Gumma block plays a key role in winning the Candidates, The Voters are enthusiastically waiting to See Shri Manoj Badonaik in the Upcoming General Assembly Election 2024 .

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